Gin and tonic

Eisch Gin Tonic Tasting Glas, entwickelt mit Jürgen Deibel

GIN TONIC Tasting glass

Jürgen Deibel - a renowned spirits expert and author of numerous specialist books - came to us after many years of successful collaboration in the field of spirits. WHISKY the impetus for a new type of sensory gin glass. In addition to the requirement for professional flavour evaluation, it should also be possible to use it as a GIN TONIC glass offer.

The lower part of the mouth-blown glass gives pure gin enough space to develop its flavours, which reach the nose through the elongated chimney of the glass. The slightly outwardly curved rim of the gin glass allows the liquid to gently and broadly reach the tongue and then the palate. The opening of the glass allows the addition of an ice cube and tonic. With each sip you drink, you can top up with tonic again if required and thus obtain a new character. Repeat until the perfect balance of gin is achieved. In contrast to conventional glasses, such as long drink glasses, this tasting glass allows the tonic to be poured in small units so that the flavour continues to develop. A novelty for the connoisseur who has always used a fixed ratio of gin and tonic when tasting.

"The new GIN & TONIC TASTING- Glass of the glassworks EISH offers for the first time the opportunity to evaluate a pure gin, savour the pleasure with nose and palate and then experience the typical drinking pleasure of gin & tonic with tonic."


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Ein Glas für alle Zwecke - das Gin and Tonic Tasting Glas