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Testsieger und Auszeichnungen

Test winner glass
Association of independent wine experts

Testsieger im umfangreichen Gläsertest

The Association of independent wine experts has tested the SENSISPLUS series in a comprehensive lens test in 2023. ESSENCA SENSISPLUS as the clear test winner.

The extraordinary mode of action of SENSISPLUS for wine enjoyment once again confirmed by a competent and independent organisation. In 2019, the Red wine glass SKY SENSISPLUS and the Bordeaux glass UNITY SENSISPLUS emerged as the winner in glass comparison tastings.

Tableware International
Award of Excellence

Essenca SensisPlus - Gewinner 2023 in der Kategorie Casual glassware

Tableware International is the most important international magazine for the global glass and porcelain industry. Every year, the magazine honours the best tableware designs from around the world with the help of a high-calibre jury of international designers, retailers and publishers. The wine glass series ESSENCA SENSISPLUS was among the finalists in the "Casual glassware" category in 2023.

Tableware International
Award of Excellence

Eisch Unik - Gewinner 2022

The Eisch glassworks was chosen for the espresso glass UNIK was honoured with the Tableware International Award of Excellence.

The espresso connoisseur's individual joy of discovery and experimentation is reflected in the unique shape of each glass, freely moulded by the glassblower. EISCH UNIK espresso glass. The unusual characteristics of the organic shape lend UNIK its special beauty.

The meticulous hand-finishing with 24-carat real gold or real platinum is carried out at EISH understood as the counterpart to the perfect roasting of the raw coffee bean, which turns it into a shiny espresso bean. Black is an integral part of espresso and so the black saucer completes the circle from the careful handling of the raw material to the dark-roasted espresso beans and the glossy finish to create the perfect treat for the palate, nose and eyes. The favourite drink of many connoisseurs is brought to life with the espresso glass UNIK an extraordinary sensory experience.

Julia Eisch (Design) and Eberhard Eisch (Managing Director) are delighted with the entire Eisch team about the award, which was also presented to them in 2019 for their exceptional design.

Tableware International
Award of Excellence

Eisch Gentleman - Finalist 2020 in der Kategorie Casual glassware
The Eisch Whisky Nosing Set GENTLEMAN for whisky connoisseurs was among the finalists for the award of the Tableware International Award of Excellence in the category "Barware".

Tableware International
Award of Excellence

Eisch Cosmo Gold, Gewinner des Tableware International Award of Excellence 2019

At Ambiente 2019 in Frankfurt, the COSMO espresso glass in the "Coffee/Teaware" category with the Tableware International Award of Excellence excellent.


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"Absolutely fantastic - a completely new take on the espresso cup and saucer"

Whisky Magazine
Winner in the glass test

Testsieger im Gläsertest des Whisky Magazine - Eisch Jeunesse

In the glass test of the Whisky Magazine (issue 24), the malt whisky glass from Eisch was the big test winner. In 3 out of 5 categories, the glass from the JEUNESSE in the face of high-ranking competition. You can download the full original article here to read. You can find a German translation of the article here.

Grand Prize for Tableware

Eisch Unik - Gewinner 2022
The publisher Callway has launched the project "Dineus 2019" under the direction of publisher Olaf Salié and star florist & author Björn Kroner-Salié, an independent jury has been looking for outstanding products across the entire spectrum of tableware.
For the first time, the Dineus award recognises excellence in the tableware industry and aims to raise public awareness of the culture of table setting. National and international manufacturers with products for the German-speaking market were invited to enter. The submitted products, collections, designs and innovations were judged by a jury of experts, designers and independent industry and media representatives. As part of a festive ceremony at the Ambience in Frankfurt, hosted by star florist & author Björn Kroner-Salié, Glashütte Eisch was awarded the Dineus, the Grand Prize for Tableware 2019, twice.

Test winner

Gläser Vergleichs Tasting von Joachim A.J. Kaiser

SENSISPLUS - when the glass tells of the wine.
Joachim A.J. Kaiser (Wine Consultant, VINOSITAS) has organised an interesting wine glass comparison tasting and published it on his blog published.

The glassworks EISH with the UNITY SENSISPLUS BORDEAUX GRAND CRU achieved first place!

Specialist retail partner
Choice of preferred industry partners

Seit der Einführung des Fachhandelspreises ist EISCH Germany der Glashersteller mit der häufigsten Erstplatzierung

Once a year, the Association of German Dealers in Glass and Porcelain selects its favourite partners.



The areas "current product range", "quality of customer service" and "achievable profit" are assessed.
Glashütte Eisch has achieved first place four times in the past five years.