Coffee glasses

Kaffeegläser mit Gold, Platin, frei von Hand geformt oder mit SensisPlus Feature

Cosmo coffee glasses

The interplay of the all-time favourites black and gold looks elegant and modern. With the EISCH COSMO gold coffee glasses, a stone look meets shiny 24-carat gold. The unrivalled design of the series COSMO has been awarded the Tableware International Award of Excellence and the tableware prize DINEUS excellent. The exciting combination of manually applied 24-carat gold and a seal reminiscent of cool stone guarantees exceptional drinking pleasure. As gold reflects heat radiation very well, espresso can be enjoyed in the COSMO-Enjoy a relaxed hot glass.
Celebrate espresso!

Verschiedene Kaffeegläser mit Gold, Platin, Holzoptik, Steinhaptik in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen zum frei Zusammenstellen
Genießen Sie Ihren Cappuccino aus den Eisch Cosmo Gold Kaffeegläsern

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UNIK Espresso glasses

Each of the EISH All-round mug UNIK gold is freely moulded by the glassblower from heat-resistant glass. This creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for connoisseurs who appreciate individuality. Small differences in shape due to the individual signature of the glassblower are characteristic of UNIK. These give the glasses their special beauty.


In the gold painting of the glassworks EISH we apply 24-carat gold to the underside of the cups. This is reflected with subtle elegance in the contents of the glass. Thanks to its organic shape UNIK pleasant and light in the hand. The rounded rim makes the tumbler robust, so that the multi-talented UNIK can be enjoyed on many occasions - as a cocktail or champagne glass, Gin and tonic-juice, coffee, dessert or water cups.
UNIK gold: Hand wash

Eisch Unik Espressogläser
Mit Echtgold oder -platin beschichtete frei geformte Espressogläser
Affogato genießen aus unseren Affogato oder Affogato All'Oro Sets
Das Trenddessert Affogato aus Eisch Germany Gläsern


The simple and elegant set AFFOGATO AL CAFFÈ with its silky satin saucer takes you on a short holiday to Italy. A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with espresso from the small jug - and the quick trend dessert from the sunny south is ready. In the sets AFFOGATO ALL'ORO celebrates the trendy little dessert from Italian cuisine in a sophisticated way. The vanilla ice cream not only sinks into the espresso in the glass, but also into real 24-carat gold. Serve a scoop of ice cream in the gold-coated espresso glass and then pour espresso from the small jug over it at the table. An exquisite treat for the palate and the eye!


The espresso glass SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS is manufactured from high-quality, brilliant crystal glass using state-of-the-art technology. It is also equipped with the multiple award-winning SENSISPLUS feature for an impressive flavour experience. Finally, our skilled craftsmen finely hand-finish the top of the saucer.

With the SENSISPLUS glasses presented EISCH GERMANY a development in the field of aroma perception that impresses wine connoisseurs and gourmets worldwide at wine glass comparison tastings. SENSISPLUS brings out the full complexity of wines and other beverages in the shortest possible time after pouring. The wine magazine VINUM writes: "The SENSISPLUS glass unfolded the entirety of the flavours (...) like a shimmering fan." SENSISPLUS not only has a positive effect on the development of wine flavours. It also has a positive effect on many other beverages such as juices, spirits, mineral water and coffee.

The espresso glasses with saucer are dishwasher-safe.

Eisch SensisPlus Espressotassen - probieren Sie das SensisPLus Feature mit Ihrem Espresso