No drop effect

Mit Eisch Karaffen oder Krügen Ausschenken ohne zu tropfen

Avoid red wine stains - decant without dripping

The NO DROP EFFECT the EISH Decanters, carafes and jugs prevent the red wine or other beverages such as wine from being poured out. Whisky This prevents almost all drips from forming on the edge of the glass and consequently also prevents the drink from running down the outer wall of the carafe. The vessel and tablecloth are thus optimally protected from stains. A special treatment of the glass surface permanently prevents drips from running down the outer wall of carafes, jugs and decanters.
Dekantierkaraffe mit No Drop Effekt
Eisch Karaffe mit No Drop Effekt

NO DROP EFFECT Care instructions

The effect remains fully effective if you avoid scrubbing in the surface treatment zone and do not put the carafe in the dishwasher. After manual rinsing, the surface treatment area must be carefully cleaned with clear water to avoid any deposits of detergent - ideally, the carafe should only be cleaned with clear water. Then dry with a soft cloth.

When pouring, please ensure that the drink flows smoothly and evenly. This is the best way to maximise the effect.

All NO DROP Decanter carafes/ducks and jugs are supplied with a corresponding Labelled with a sticker.

Dekantieren ohne zu tropfen, Eisch Karaffen und Krüge mit diesem Aufkleber

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