The history of the Eisch family

The glassmaking tradition
The glassmaking tradition of the Eisch family can be traced back to Mathias Alesch, born in the Bohemian Forest in 1689, who is listed here on the list of employees of a small glassworks.
The founder
The founder of Glashütte Eisch, Valentin Eisch, had been working as a master engraver in the crystal glass factory of Kommerzienrat Isidor Gistl since 1914. In 1946, together with his wife Therese, he founded his own finishing business to provide a livelihood for his six children.
Emergence of competition
The existing Bayerwald glassworks soon feared the emergence of competition. They wanted to prevent this by blocking the supply of raw glass to the Eischs. This forced the Eisch family to set up their own glass production.
Bavaria's youngest and smallest glassworks
In December 1952, the first glass was melted in what was then the youngest and smallest glassworks in Bavaria. Despite major initial difficulties, the glassworks was expanded to a 12-port furnace as early as 1956. Thanks to the co-operation of all family members and employees, a continuous upward trend began.
Erwin Eisch
Erwin Eisch († 2022) was a pioneer and spiritual father of the studio glass movement in Europe. He was an important driving force and "lateral thinker" for the glassworks.
Poetry in glass
Based on Erwin Eisch's free-blown glass, the unique series "Poetry in Glass" was created in 1977: collector's and collector's items in flowing shapes, which were designed into artistic objects using a wide variety of kiln and cold glass techniques.
No. 1 among glass manufacturers
Glashütte Eisch built up an excellent reputation among its customers. When the German glass and porcelain trade chose their preferred industrial partners, Eisch often came first among all German glass manufacturers.
Chancellor visit
In 1997, the then Chancellor Helmut Kohl was a guest at Glashütte Eisch. Erwin Eisch presented him with the glass portrait head "Helmut Kohl".
Family-run for generations
Today, Glashütte Eisch is still entirely family-owned and is managed by Julia Eisch and Eberhard Eisch in the third generation. Together with Florian Eichinger (4th generation, son of Julia Eisch), they are building on the diverse experience and craftsmanship of the past and are now turning the company into a modern and innovative glass manufacturer.
With the SENSISPLUS glasses, Glashütte Eisch has achieved a milestone in the development of wine glasses. In the SENSISPLUS glass, the wine experiences an unexpected development of flavours, which triggers enthusiasm and astonishment in equal measure in the wine world. Eberhard Eisch describes his experience with the SENSISPLUS glasses as follows: "With this glass, I am looking to the future of wine!"
International expansion
With a consistent brand strategy that emphasises individuality and innovation, Glashütte Eisch is also successful on foreign markets. Today, more than 50% of total production is exported to over 60 countries worldwide.
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Julia Eisch, Florian Eichinger und Eberhard Eisch

Julia Eisch, her son Florian Eichinger and Eberhard Eisch

Alfons Eisch mit der Glastrompete bei der Führung durch die Eisch-Produktionswerkstätten

Alfons Eisch