Eisch Germany Innovationen

"For us, making glass not only means creating beautiful objects, but also constantly breaking new technical ground in production and thus giving the glass product additional properties. Over the years, typical EISCH innovations such as the SENSISPLUS-glass, carafes and jugs with NO DROP-effect or the wine cooler decanter RAPIDCOOL was created. We can proudly say that our plant in Frauenau is both a production site and a centre of innovation."

When the glass tells of wine

With the SENSISPLUS-glasses, you can immerse yourself even deeper in the world of wine flavours - and thus in its history. Genuine and unadulterated. Through SENSISPLUS wine comes into its own in all its complexity and shows its full potential. From fruity and mineral to spicy and full-bodied. No nuance remains hidden. The original character of the wine and its structure remain completely intact.

Eisch SensisPlus Gläser mit dem Gesicht von Lisa, der Tochter von Julia Eisch

"Wine is far more than just a drink. Wine tells stories, conveys emotions and takes you into the world of the winemaker, the terroir and the grapes that come together in it with every sip."

Experience the density of flavours in the SENSISPLUS-glass itself. We invite you on a sensual journey of flavour. Compare the SENSISPLUS-glass with the best glass you have available. Pour the same amount of wine from a previously unopened bottle of wine into both glasses. After a few minutes, compare the bouquet and flavour and the taste journey can begin. Tip: Test in the SENSISPLUS-glasses, spirits, fruit juices, espresso, mineral water and other drinks. You will be amazed.

  • Wine magazine "Vinum": "The SENSISPLUS glass unfolded the totality of flavours [...] like a dazzling fan"
  • Honoured in the nationwide "Land of Ideas" innovation competition
  • Culinary Institute of America: SENSISPLUS in professional training and at events
  • 25th anniversary of the Robert Parker "Wine Advocate": First public presentation of the glasses

The series ESSENCA, SKY, SUPERIOR and UNITY are with the SENSISPLUS feature available.

SENSISPLUS try it yourself

The SENSISPLUS comparative tasting

Taste your favourite wines or new discoveries at home during a joint wine tasting and marvel together at the new SENSISPLUS flavour experience.

All glasses are also available in different gift packaging for wine lovers and connoisseurs.
Bring along to your next wine evening with friends SENSISPLUS glasses to guarantee an entertaining evening.


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Rotweinflecken verhindern mit dem No Drop Effekt

The NO DROP effect

The NO DROP EFFECT almost completely prevents drops from forming on the rim of the glass when wine is poured and subsequently also prevents the red wine from running down the outer wall of the carafe. The vessel and tablecloth are thus optimally protected from stains! The NO DROP EFFECT is based on an innovative special treatment of the glass surface that permanently prevents drops from running down the outer wall of decanters, carafes and decanting ducks.

Care instructions

The NO DROP EFFECT retains its full effect if you avoid scrubbing the rim of the decanter and do not put it in the dishwasher. After manual rinsing, the neck of the decanter should be carefully cleaned with clear water to avoid any build-up of detergent - ideally, the decanter should only be cleaned with clear water. Then dry with a soft cloth. When pouring, please ensure that the wine flows smoothly and evenly. This allows the NO DROP EFFECT unfold best.

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Getränke im Handumdrehen kühlen mit dem RapidCool Dekanter

RAPIDCOOL Cooling decanter

Cools drinks from 20°C to 8°C in just 5 minutes

White wine should be drunk chilled. What previously could only be achieved by chilling the wine bottle for hours can now be done easily and effortlessly in just a few minutes: The cooling decanter RAPIDCOOL cools white wine from, for example, 20°C to approx. 8°C drinking temperature in just 5 minutes and joins the list of Eisch innovations. The fact that the RAPIDIt goes without saying that COOL can also keep chilled white wine cool for much longer than any conventional wine cooler. And of course, in addition to white wine, it also cools water, juices, spritzers, iced tea, sake, spirits and any other beverage.