Frauenau Glass Museum

Das Glasmuseum Frauenau inmitten der gläsernen Gärten
Die Gläsernen Gärten von Frauenau – Kunstwerk des Künstlers Carmelo Lopez

History, modern architecture and art

The Eisch glassworks is characterised by the Glass Gardens directly connected to the Frauenau Glass Museum.

Here, visitors can experience the cultural history of glass from its beginnings in Mesopotamia to the present day.

The Bavarian State Museum's permanent exhibition on the history of glass culture includes numerous exhibits by international artists as well as several works of art by Erwin Eischsuch as the portrait head series "Selbstporträt", "Alfons Hannes", "Thomas S. Buechner", "Harvey K. Littleton" or the installation "Der Narziss, ein Interieur".

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Am Museumspark 1
94258 Frauenau

Tel: 09926 / 941020
Mon: Closed
Tue - Sun: 09:00 - 17:00

The museum building is largely barrier-free.