EISCH Germany is a glass brand steeped in tradition and has stood for the design of glass as a creative component of tableware at the highest level since 1946. We, the Eisch family, are the fourth generation to identify ourselves with glass design and refinement as well as innovations in the wine sector. The fascinating, pleasure-enhancing effect of the glassware developed for intensive flavour development SENSISPLUS glasses is confirmed by wine experts from all over the world. The exceptional design of the high-quality products has recently been recognised with several awards such as the Tableware International Award of Excellencethe Dineus Tableware Award and the Manufactured product of the year confirmed. The family-run glassworks is located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany. EISH has been recognised by many German specialist retailers as the Number 1 among glass manufacturers excellent. Find our products in specialised glass / porcelain shops (Dealer network). You can also purchase the entire range conveniently via our web shop or directly on site at our factory outlet in Frauenau.


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Gold und Steinoptik - Eisch Cosmo Gold & Cosmo Pure White Becher
Wein genießen - Eisch Germany Weingläser


"The Eisch 'SENSISPLUS' stemware is the most expressive wine glass in the world."

SensisPlus Logo mit Welle

In the SENSISPLUS In the glass, the wine comes into its own in all its complexity and shows the full power of its flavours. Multiple awards and judged by wine lovers and wine professionals alike with astonishment and enthusiasm, the SENSISPLUS glasses are already an indispensable means of perfect wine enjoyment for connoisseurs and professionals worldwide.

Taste SensisPlus Weinglas Guide im Faltblatt
Trinkglas Serien von Eisch Germany.

Drinking glass series

Simple and elegant crystal glass collections for wine, whisky, water and many other drinks. Find your glass from our wide range.


At Glashütte Eisch, you can also order larger quantities of glasses as Customised products can be produced. Provide your glasses with customised logo imprints, blasted or hand-engraved motifs and initials or similar.

Wine & Decanting
Decanting accessories

Decanter for red and white wine with No drop effect and accessories for easy and professional cleaning.

Das Eisch Sortiment dekorierter Gläser
Eisch Serviettenringe für einen kunstvoll gedeckten Tisch

Decorated glasses, plates & napkin rings

Finished with engraving, precious metals and colour. Use our range of decorated glasses together with our table accessories to add a special touch to your table setting.
Kunstvoll gedeckter Tisch mit Eisch Germany Platztellern


Classically elegant champagne goblets, lavishly refined champagne glasses or goblets with 24-carat gold and a surface reminiscent of cool stone - choose the glass that will perfect your champagne moment.
Champagnerglas aus brillantem Kristallglas mit Echtgold, Platin oder Kupfer-Auflage
Champagner aus Gold Bechern mit 24-kt-Gold Auflage
Ausstattung für Bar
Cosmo Espresso Tassen mit Stein Haptik und echtem 24-karätigem Gold
Echtes 24-karätiges Gold, Platin und Kupfer auf Eisch Cosmo Collect Espressotassen


The different coffee glasses COSMO and SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS allow coffee enjoyment to be experienced with all the senses in an unmistakable way. While the hazelnut-brown crema in the 24-carat gold of the cappuccino glasses COSMO supports the espresso glass SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS the aroma development of the fine espresso flavours through the multiple award-winning SENSISPLUS -feature. Sets for the trendy dessert Affogato al caffe are great gift ideas for connoisseurs who Espresso for dessert celebrate.

Whisky & whisky pipettes

Discover glasses awarded by "Whisky Magazine", WHISKYPIPETTES for diluting whisky with water drop by drop and other great gift ideas for whisky lovers.
Malt Whisky Nosing Glas mit Aromadeckel
Eisch Germany bietet eine Bandbreite an Gläsern für Gin und Brände.

Spirits & Gin

The shape of the spirit glasses enhances the perception of the flavours of the respective spirits - from rum to grappa. In co-operation with Spirits expert Jürgen Deibel a gin and tonic tasting glass has been created which, thanks to its shape, enables the tasting of pure gin as well as the subsequent enjoyment of a gin and tonic.

Eisch Spirits Exclusive - für Grappa und viele andere Brände


Whether as refreshment on a hot summer's day or at the bar with friends, different beers need different glasses. Beers - just like wine - deserve glasses that cater to the specific needs of the beer and support its flavour development.
Kelchglas oder Becher für Bier und Craftbeer
Craft Beer und Bier mit Freunden
Cocktails aus Gläsern mit Edelmetall

Cocktails & glass straws

A successful cocktail only works in the right glass. Our GLASSHALME in various colours and precious metal finishes give it that extra touch of visual perfection.

Bunte Glas Strohhalme von Eisch Germany
Tableware basic by Eisch Germany
Ob Kaffee, Dessert oder erfrischender Drink - frei geformte UNIK Becher von Eisch


Whether we're eating together or in the office, mugs are a constant companion in our everyday lives. In addition to simple mugs, our range also includes unusually shaped or elaborately decorated mugs that will enhance your drink.

Eisch Moscow Mule Becher mit Kupfer beschichtet

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Carafes & Jugs

Our carafes and jugs are not just for drinks. With the LOUNGECARAFE we have simply transferred the hygienic principle of the carafe to snacks. This means that guests don't have to reach into the bowl with their fingers, but instead pour the snack from the carafe into their hands.

Bowls, cake plates & tins

Baking is a passion. A successful cake presented on a cake platter or delicious biscuits in a tin decorated with gold are a pleasure for all the senses.

Eisch GoldLeaf Gold und GoldLeaf Platin Dosen
Eisch Dot - brillantes Kristallglas mit echtem Gold
Brillantes Kristallglas mit echtem 24-karätigem Gold

Vases & lanterns

A romantic dinner or breakfast with your nearest and dearest, a vase full of flowers and lanterns immediately enchant the atmosphere and turn the table setting into something special.
Eisch Germany Living


A table setting can be a true work of art. Let your imagination run wild and create your own personalised table with our range.
24 Karat Gold oder Platin auf Eisch GoldLeaf Tellern
Eisch Kaya Kupfer und Schwarz