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As a traditional glass brand since 1946, EISCH Germany stands for the design of glass as a creative element of tableware at the highest level. Already in its fourth generation, the Eisch family identifies itself with glass design and refi nement as well as innovations in the wine sector. The fascinating, enjoyment-enhancing effect of the SENSISPLUSglasses developed to unfold the aromas is confirmed by wine experts from all over the world. The exceptional design of the high-quality products has recently received several awards such as the Tableware International Award of Excellence, the Tableware Award Dineus and the Manufactory Product of the Year. The family-run glassworks is located in the heart of the National Park Bavarian Forest in Germany. In February 2020, EISCH was repeatedly honored as the number 1 glass manufacturer by the German retailers.

Find our products in glass and china specialist stores (Retailers Network). You can also casually shop our products in our Web-Shop or visit our factory outlet in Frauenau, Germany.

Glasses overwiew wine


“The Eisch ‚SENSISPLUS’ stemware is the most expressive wine glass in the world.”

– NZ Wine Ambassador Gavin Hubble –

In our SENSISPLUS glasses, the wine fully reveals all its complexity and shows the full power of its aromas like in no other glass.
SENSISPLUS glasses have been awarded several times and were judged by wine lovers and professionals, leaving them both amazed and enthusiastic. This makes SENSISPLUS an indispensable tool for the perfect enjoyment of wine for conoisseurs and professionals worldwide.

Sensis Plus Wein Gourmet
red wine, whisky, white wine, champagne, beer, Martini and more


Simple-elegant glasses for wine, whisky, water and many other drinks. Find your glass from our wide range.

WINE & DECANTING – Decanting Accessoires

Decanters for red and white wine with NODROP EFFEKT and accessories for easy and professional cleaning.

red wine glasses and decanting carafe
decanting without dripping
clean decanting carafes easily and effectively
glass refined with engraving, precious metal and more
elegant and classy, napkin rings and accessoires


Refined with engravings, precious metal and colours. Use our range of decorated glasses and NAPKINRINGS to give your table a special touch.


Classic-elegant or opulently refined champagne glasses or tumblers with 24-carat gold and a surface that is reminiscent of cool stone – choose the glass that will make your champagne moment perfect.

Champoagne from tumblers with gold 24 carat in stone-look
Refined Champagne Glasses overwiew
Glasses overwiew Bar
Affogato and Espresso with SensisPlus Feature
Espresso from tumblers with gold 24 carat in stone-look


Our coffee glasses COSMO and SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS allow you to experience coffee with all your senses in a distinctive way. While the hazelnut brown crema is reflected in the 24-carat gold of the COSMO cappuccino glasses, the SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS espresso glass supports the development of the fine espresso aromas through the award-winning SENSISPLUS feature. Sets for the trend dessert Affogato al Caffe are great gift ideas for connoisseurs who celebrate espresso as a dessert.


Discover excellent glasses awarded by the „Whisky Magazine“, WHISKYPIPETTES to dilute whisky drop by drop with water and many other great gift ideas for whisky lovers.

Whisky glass with Whisky Pipette in Bar
Whiskypipette to dilute Whisky drop by drop
Gin und spirits from modern shaped glasses


The shape of our spirit glasses supports the perception of aromas of the respective spirits – from rum to grappa. Together with international spirits expert Jürgen Deibel, we have developed a Gin & Tonic tasting glass. Due to its shape, it allows to taste pure gin as well as to subsequently enjoy a Gin & Tonic.

spirits from goblets


Whether as a refreshment on a hot summer day or at a bar with friends, beers – like wine – deserve a glass that respects the specific needs of the beer and optimally supports the development of flavors.

Craft Beer glass overview
Beer after work


A good cocktail only works in a suitable glass. Our GLASHALME in different colours and precious metal finishes give it an additional touch of optical perfection.

Glasses overview Tableware Basic


Breakfast, dinner or in the office – tumblers are constant companions in our everyday life.
In addition to simple tumblers, our range also includes preciously finished or colorful ones. Suitable for every drink from juice to water.

Glasses for water and other beverages
Nut dispenser serve stylishly


Our carafes and jugs are not only intended for drinks. With the LOUNGECARAFE we have simply transferred the hygienic principle of the water carafe to snacks. The LOUNGECARAFE is a stylish and hygienic alternative to bowls or plates encouraging every guest to use his fingers


Baking is a passion. A successful cake presented on a cake plate or tasty biscuits in a candy box coated with gold underline this appreciation and make your pastries artworks.

make baking an artwork
flower vase creative


A romantic dinner or breakfast with your loved ones – a vase full of flowers and tealights immediately enchants the atmosphere and makes your set table something special.

tealights range
Glasses overview Living


A set table can be a real work of art. Find the perfect accessories for your individual table.

extraordinary and classy in one
Set table classy and individual