Innovationen von EISCH Germany, SensisPlus, NoDrop Effekt, RapidCool Weinkühler


“For us, making glass does not mean simply creating beautiful objects; it also means constantly searching for new technological approaches with regard to production in order to give the glass product additional properties. Thus over the years typical Eisch innovations have been developed, including, for example, SENSISPLUS glass; carafes and jugs with the no-drop effect; or the Rapid Cool cooling decanter. We are proud to be able to say that our factory in Frauenau is not only a production location but also a place of innovation.”


Eberhard Eisch

EISCH Sensis Plus Logo und Titel


When the glass tells us about the wine

With SENSISPLUS glasses you can immerse yourself even more profoundly in the world of taste of wine – and hence in its history. Authentic and unadulterated. SENSISPLUS reveals the full complexity of wine and shows its true potential. From fruity to mineral to spicy and full-bodied. No nuance remains unnoticed. The original character of the wine and its structure are both retained to the full.

“Wine is far more than just a drink. Wine tells stories, conveys emotions and transports us with every sip into the world of the vintner, the terroir and the grapes which it unites.
Eberhard Eisch

Experience for yourself the density of aromas in a SENSISPLUS glass. We invite you to embark on a sensuous journey of taste. Compare the SENSISPLUS glass with the best glass you have available. Pour the same amount of wine from a freshly-opened bottle into each of the glasses. After a few minutes check and compare the bouquet and taste. The tasting journey can begin! Tip: Use SENSISPLUS glasses to taste spirits, fruit juices, espresso, mineral water and other drinks. You will be surprised.


  • The SENSISPLUS glass revealed the full range of aromas […] like an iridescent fan. VINUM wine magazine
  • Commended in the national innovation competition “Land of Ideas”
  • Culinary Institute of America: SENSISPLUS in the professional training and at events
  • 25th anniversary celebrations of the Robert Parker “Wine Advocate”: first public presentation of glasses


The series  ESSENCA, SKYSUPERIOR and UNITY are available in the SENSISPLUS class

Comparison glass without and with SensisPlus feature
For the SENSISPLUS comparison tasting use an EISCH SENSISPLUS glass and compare it to a glass similar in size and shape.
Pour wine into both glasses
Open a new bottle of wine and pour the same amount of wine into both glasses.
Unfolding of aromas in the glasses
After a few minutes check the bouquet and the taste in both glasses, and the aromas tour can start.
You will be surprised.
Sky SensisPlus - Unfolding of aromas in the glasses
Innovation zur Unterstützung beim tropffreien Einschenken und Dekantieren

Avoid red-wine stains – decanting without drops of wine

When you are pouring wine the NO DROP EFFECT prevents almost completely the formation of drops on the rim of the glass and consequently the unwanted running of red wine on the outer wall of the carafe. The vessel and tablecloth are thus optimally protected from stains! The NO DROP EFFECT is the result of special treatment of the surface of the glass which permanently prevents drops running down the outer wall of carafes and decanters.

NO DROP EFFECT Care instructions

The NO DROP EFFECT will continue to be fully effective if you avoid scouring the edge of the carafe and avoid putting the decanter in the dishwasher. After cleaning by hand the neck of the carafe should be carefully rinsed with clear water in order to ensure that no traces of washing-up liquid remain – ideally the decanter should be cleaned only with clear water. After washing, please dry the decanter with a soft cloth. Make sure when pouring the wine that it flows gently and evenly. This will ensure that the NO DROP EFFECT can develop optimally.

No Drop Leaflet

EISCH Rapid Cool - innovativer Weinkühler

RAPIDCOOL Cooling Decanter

Cools drinks from 20°C to 8°C in just 5 minutes

White wine should be drunk chilled. What was previously only possible by chilling the wine bottle for hours on end can now be achieved simply and easily in just a few minutes. The decanter RAPID COOL cools white wine in just five minutes from, for example, a temperature of 20°C to a drinking temperature of approx. 8°C! It goes without saying that the RAPID COOL decanter will keep chilled white wine cool for very much longer than all the usual wine coolers. And of course, apart from white wine it will also cool water, fruit juices, spritzer, iced tea, sake, schnapps and any other drinks.

Rapid Cool Leaflet