Artist in Residence


Glass art and glass production – the two have long been connected at Glashütte EISCH. Back in the 1960s Erwin Eisch, one of the founding fathers of the International Studio Glass Movement, worked with his own studio glass furnace at Glashütte EISCH. 2005 saw the initiation of the “Artist In Residence” project. Glashütte EISCH has invited famous international artists to Frauenau for at least four weeks. Within this reasonable creative period Glashütte EISCH placed its entire technical and artisanal skills at the disposal of the “Artists In Residence” for the realisation of their artistic visions. A mutual give and take arose in this engagement: the glassworks received new artistic stimuli which then radiated out across the glassmaking region of the Bavarian Forest and the glassmaking world in general. The result of this cooperation is a collection of artworks to be admired in a sales exhibition at the EISCH Gallery in Frauenau. “Artist In Residence” and its abbreviation “AIR” stands for the worldwide connection established by glass art, as well as for the air that gives glass its form and which is as transparent as the glass product itself.

The participating artists are:

  • Pavlina Cambalova (CZ)
  • Rike Scholle (D)
  • Scott Chaseling (AU)
  • Hansjörg Hemmi A.i.R (CH)
  • Mare Saare A.i.R. (EE)
  • Sue Parry A.i.R. (GB)
  • Susanne and Ulrich Precht A.i.R (D)
  • Gerhard Ribka (D)
  • Wilfried Markus A.i.R (D)
  • Mark Angus A.i.R (GB/D)
  • Vladimir Klein A.i.R (CZ)
  • Nicolas Morin A.i.R. (F)
  • James Vella A.i.R. (USA)
  • Jack Ink A.i.R. (A/USA)
  • Kazumi Ikemoto (Japan)
  • Daisuke Shintani (USA)
  • Valentin Eisch (D)
  • Yasue Maetake (Japan)
  • and of course Erwin and Gretel Eisch

The artists at work in the glassworks


Susanne und Ulrich Precht

Sue Parry

Carmelo Lopez

Hansjörg Hemmi

Mare Saare