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Whisky has a high alcohol content which can superimpose flavourings. Connoisseurs use a few drops of water to cut their whisky and to open the natural aromas of whisky and bring hidden flavours to the fore. It is best to use only spring water or still mineral water with a low mineral content.

With the EISCH WHISKYPIPETTE you can dilute your whisky drop by drop, achieving the optimum for your taste.

Use our EISCH WHISKYPIPETTE together with our award-winning whisky glass JEUNESSE or the UNITY MALTWHISKY glass with SENSISPLUS feature for perfect taste.

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Best Nosing Glass for:
• Blended Whisky
• Single Malts
• Cask Strength Malts
in the Glass Test of „Whisky Magazine“.



The mouthblown WHISKY NOSINGTUMBLERs combine the features of a heavy-duty bar tumbler and a whisky nosing glass. In the lower round part of the glass, whisky flavors get enough space to unfold before being led to the nose by the glasses shape. Due to the slightly outward tilting lip of the glass the full flavor is perfectly delivered, giving the best experience and full enjoyment.

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Wine magazine “Vinum”:
SENSISPLUS glasses unfolded the aromas […] like an iridescent fan.“

TIPP: Also try the MALTWHISKY glass UNITY SENSISPLUS with cognac, armagnac, rum or grape marc and fruit marc spirits.

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Brilliant crystal glass – cut, polished and coated with genuine precious metal by hand.

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