Special Orders

Glashütte Eisch is a specialist when it comes to the production of glass to meet individual customer requirements. Orders of any size, from large-scale series to individual items, can be realised. A wide range of techniques is available: for example, glass can be hollow-blown or poured and then finished by painting, printing, frosting, cutting and engraving.

Examples of special orders:

  • Individual drinking glasses, including the production of replacement glasses
  • Individual lampshades, including the production of replacement lampshades
  • Clock bell jars in all sizes
  • Artistically designed trophies and gifts, single items

All glasses can also be decorated with individual LOGO prints, hand-engraved motifs and initials etc.

Examples of possible decorations

A wide range of decoration options using gold (Firm Falken Porcelain)

Decoration by sandblast ( Firm Gmundner)

Mounting of company logos etc. in hot glass (Big Bottle Company)