when the glass tells us about the wine

With the SENSISPLUS glass EISCH GERMANY presents a development in the field of flavour perception that convinced gourmets and wine connoisseurs worldwide doing wine glass comparison tastings.

SENSISPLUS is the key to every wine. With SENSISPLUS the wine shows to advantage its full complexity and its full potential after pouring in a short time. To best enjoy the most popular wines we recommend a Burgundy, a Bordeaux, a Red Wine and a White Wine glass.
SENSISPLUS helps to enjoy, to taste and understand wines without having to be an expert.


WINE IS FAR MORE THAN JUST A DRINK. Wine tells stories, conveys emotions and transports us with every sip into the world of the vintner, the terroir and the grapes which it unites.

Eberhard Eisch

Managing Director, Glashütte Eisch

For the SENSISPLUS comparison tasting use an EISCH SENSISPLUS glass and compare it to the best other glass available.

Open a new bottle of wine and pour the same amount of wine into both glasses.

After a few minutes check the bouquet and the taste in both glasses, and the aromas tour can start.
You will be surprised.


Winning Glass

Association of Independent Wine Experts

Number 1 in the wine glass comparison tasting by wine experts from the Association of Independent Wine Experts.


VINOSITAS – Winning Glass

SENSISPLUS – when the glass speaks about the wine
Joachim A. J. Kaiser (wine consultant, VINOSITAS) hosted an interesting wine glass comparison tasting, which he published on his blog www.vinositas.com.

EISCH achieved the first place with UNITY SENSISPLUS BORDEAUX GRAND CRU.

2-minute SENSISPLUS wine glass comparison tasting

with Gavin Hubble (Wine Ambassador)


References from the world of wine:

The SENSISPLUS glass revealed the full range of aromas […] like an iridescent fan


wine magazine

Culinary Institute of America: SENSISPLUS in professional training and at events

Commended at the national innovation competition “Land of Ideas

Vintners Hall of Fame” Preisverleihung 2012

“Eisch sent me samples of SensisPlus and non-SensisPlus glasses in two different styles. I couldn’t see any difference when I closely examined both pairs and was somewhat sceptical when I put them to the test with a full-bodied red wine. The wine in the SensisPlus glass lived up to their claim. Within a few minutes it was significantly softer and mellower than the wine in the non-SensisPlus glass.”

Bob Campbell

Master of Wine

“The Eisch ‘Sensis-Plus’ stemware is the most expressive wine glass in the world.”

Gavin Hubble

Wine Ambassador, New Zealand

“Remarkable! Congratulations on a real contribution to the enjoyment of wine!”

Ronn R. Wiegand

Master of Wine & Master Sommelier

Product of the Year in Canada from the CGTA (Canadian Gift and Tableware Association) in 2007

25th anniversary celebrations of the Robert Parker “Wine Advocate”: first public presentation of the glasses

„Jede kleine Geschmacks-Nuance des edlen Tropfens wird wie auf einer Bühne für Nase und Gaumen aus dem Wein geholt.“


Travel, Gourmet & Lifestyle

“At Karen MacNeil and company we use your SensisPlus red and white. Our experience with them is fantastic. We often have winemakers tasting with us and they appreciate the glasses too.”

Karen MacNeil

The Wine Bible, Chairman, Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies, Culinary

““Sky” is a convincing series of drinks glasses with a straightforward range. The price is extremely reasonable for this quality, the attractive appearance and the “SENSISPLUS” effect. The gift pack containing two glasses is attractive and makes the glasses an ideal small gift for your next invitation. Congratulations, Eberhard Eisch!”

Peter Eberl

Stil & Markt


Our drinking glass series SUPERIORSKY and UNITY are available with the SENSISPLUS effect. The glasses in both series are made of high-quality crystal glass. Sparkling and lead-free. There are no special points to consider when caring for SENSISPLUS glasses. They can be treated like other high-quality crystal glasses; their SENSISPLUS qualities will be retained as a permanent feature. SENSISPLUS glasses are dishwasher-proof.


How can one recognise a SENSISPLUS glass?

You can recognise a SENSISPLUS glass by the sand-blasted wave symbol on the base of the glass and the special SENSISPLUS label.



The development of the SENSISPLUS glass

In recent years and over the past decades the main focus in the development of the wine glass has been to determine the shape of cup which would enable a particular wine to be enjoyed to best advantage. There has been a considerable degree of success in this respect, so that wine connaisseurs today have the choice of a wide range of different glass forms and sizes available for the enjoyment of fine vintages. However, this approach is increasingly reaching its limits since a further refinement of the shape of glass beyond the grape variety – for example according to producing area or vintage – is technically possible but hardly practicable for the individual consumer. And so we at Eisch have turned our attention since the end of the 1990s instead towards the question as to how the so-called “optimally” shaped wine glass could be developed further.



The result of this development work is the SENSISPLUS glasses which represent the gourmet glass series from Glashütte Eisch. SENSISPLUS glasses combine the experience and innovative powers of Glashütte Eisch to form our own interpretation of the ultimate in wine enjoyment. SENSISPLUS glasses reveal the full taste potential of the wine. The original character of the wine and its structure are retained. Eisch produces SENSISPLUS glasses not only for wine but also for spirits, fruit juices, mineral water etc.


Can other manufacturers also offer SENSISPLUS glasses?

No! SENSISPLUS glasses were developed by EISCH, and only EISCH can produce SENSISPLUS glasses. SENSISPLUS glass is a protected brand.

What does SENSISPLUS mean

SENSISPLUS glasses develop the full taste potential of wine. The original character of the wine and its structure are retained.

How are SENSISPLUS glasses produced?

The manufacture of SENSISPLUS glasses is a trade secret. SENSISPLUS glasses are not coated with chemicals!

Is the wine changed at all by the SENSISPLUS glass?

No! The wine is not changed. Its character is retained. SENSISPLUS glasses reveal its full flavour potential.

Who is Ronn Wiegand?

Ronn Wiegand is a world-famous wine expert. He lives in the United States (California). He is one of the very few people in the world who are permitted to use both titles: “Master of Wine” AND “Master Sommelier”.

What does Ronn Wiegand say about SENSISPLUS glasses?

Ronn Wiegand was the first wine expert to test the glasses. He summarised the results in a letter. In it he said, amongst other things, that he was sceptical at first and that he then tested about 30 wines in the glasses. He was impressed by the SENSISPLUS glasses and he congratulated Glashütte EISCH on a truly successful contribution to the enjoyment of wine.

Who is Robert Parker

Robert Parker is world famous among wine drinkers as the best-known wine critic. His verdicts on wine (he awards the so-called “Parker Points”) are highly rated worldwide.

What do SENSISPLUS glasses have to do with Robert Parker?

At the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Robert Parker Wine Advocate in autumn 2004 at the Culinary Institute of America, California, the glasses were presented to the public for the first time. The Wine Advocate is an important wine magazine which is published by Robert Parker.

What must one bear in mind when carrying out a comparative test with SENSISPLUS glasses?

Ideally you should compare a SENSISPLUS glass with an identical EISCH glass which is not labelled SENSISPLUS. If this is not possible, use a glass by another manufacturer which is as close as possible in shape, size and content to the SENSISPLUS glass. Please make sure that all the glasses are washed by hand in the same way. The bottle of wine should be opened immediately before the comparison takes place, Pour the same amount of wine into both glasses and wait a few minutes. Now try the wine in the SENSISPLUS glass and compare it with the wine in the standard glass.

Are SENSISPLUS glasses only available for wine?

No! EISCH manufactures SENSISPLUS glasses not only for wine but also for spirits, fruit juices, mineral water etc.

How can I recognise a SENSISPLUS glass?

You can recognise a SENSISPLUS glass by the sand-blasted wave symbol on the base of the glass.

sensisplus etching

And you will also see this label on the glass:

How are the SENSISPLUS-glasses produced?

UNITY SENSISPLUS: The glasses UNITY SENSISPLUS are handmade in perfection of brilliant fine crystal by master glassblowers

SKY SENSISPLUS: The glasses SKY SENSISPLUS are made of brilliant fine crystal with the latest german technology. They are of thin-walled quality and yet, due to the one-piece stems, very break-resistant.

SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS: The classic glasses SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS are made with the latest technology from high-quality crystal glass. A high breaking strength through the one-piece stems characterizes these goblets.

Is a carafe for decanting the wine superfluous nowadays?

No! If there is sufficient time, you should still decant the wine into a carafe because it is a pleasant ritual. Moreover, a decanter is an attractive sight on a nicely set table. In the case of older wines, in any case, decanting will be necessary to separate out the sediment.

How should I care for my SENSISPLUS glasses?

The SENSISPLUS glass will retain its qualities permanently. It should be treated like any other high-quality crystal glass. It does not require any special care.

Can SENSISPLUS glasses be washed in the dishwasher

Undecorated SENSISPLUS glasses can be washed in the dishwasher with no difficulties. If the glasses are decorated with painting etc. please check the care instructions supplied.

Whom can I contact with further questions?

Please contact your local representative or Glashütte Eisch directly (Tel. +49 (0) 9926 / 189-0; Fax +49 (0) 9926 / 189-250; e-mail info@eisch.de)

Where can I obtain additional information about SENSISPLUS glasses?

You will find all information available in the internet under www.eisch.de.