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Unusual tumblers, elegant jugs and stylish carafes, hand-decorated plates and dishes in our EAT&DRINK product category inspire you to invite guests as well as adding to your pleasure. LIFESTYLE HOME. High-quality articles made of fine glass and decorative objects for the living area which acquire their unique character from the careful craftsmanship and design. Unique objects handmade at our glass furnace create a unique ambience. For decades, sparkling crystal glass has been hand-painted with real gold and platinum at Glashütte Eisch – a form of understated luxury that lends every space a hint of opulence.

Our products can be found in the exclusive shops of upmarket specialist glass and china retailers (List of Retailers). You can also obtain the entire product range conveniently from our Web Shop or directly from our Factory Outlet at our headquarters in Frauenau.



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In a SENSISPLUS glass you can appreciate the full complexity of the wine and the richness of its aromas more effectively than in any other glass. SENSISPLUS  glasses have won a number of prizes and never fail to surprise and delight wine lovers and wine professionals alike. Today they are an essential accessory for perfect wine enjoyment for connoisseurs and professionals worldwide.

Gourmet Glasses


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A good wine can only be appreciated to the full in a good glass. A thin-walled, finely blown glass whose form is adapted to the requirements of the beverage concerned will considerably enhance your enjoyment:

JeunesseMelissa, Vinezza


Decorated glasses

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Glasses are much more than just see-though containers for drinks. As soon as they have been decorated that can be used to stage themes and conjure up worlds on the table which will extend the pleasures of food and drink by adding an aesthetic dimension.

VincennesToulouseCastelloLiz, 10 Carat, Chalet


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For many wines, decanting is not only necessary; it is also, quite simply, a delightful ritual. In order to be able to celebrate the wine preparation in due style you will also need a suitably elegant decanter with the No Drop Effect as well as the necessary equipment:

Decanter, Edition 1, Decanter Accessories, CleaningPearls, Finesse


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“Glass for the here and now” always serves as our starting point for glass design. Capturing the spirit of the times in form and decoration is both a challenge and a passion:

Cosmo gold & weiß, Puro, Centro, Tonio, Stargate, Cono, WhiskyPipettes, GLASSSTRAWS

Tumblers, jugs and carafes

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Few items are used more frequently on a daily basis than tumblers for water, fruit juice etc. And an attractively designed tumbler brings pleasure into our everyday lives: Jessica, Centro, Growing, Goldrush goldCosmo gold & weissKaraffen, Krüge & Kannen, Lim, Cono, Java

Beer glasses

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Beer today offers a broad spectrum of different varieties, all of them invariably of high quality. A beer glass which is hand-blown and perhaps decorated with a subtly cut design will underline the claim to quality and individuality of the beer-lover.

Whisky & bar

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Discover the ‘Whisky Magazine’ test winning glasses, Whisky Pipettes to dilute whisky with water drop by drop and many other gifts for whisky lovers.


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The espresso glasses COSMO and SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS allow espresso enjoyment to be experienced with all senses. While the hazelnut-brown crema is mirrored in the 24-carat gold of the espresso glasses COSMO, the SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS espresso glass supports the aroma development of the fine espresso flavours with the award-winning SENSISPLUS feature. Sets for the trend dessert Affogato al caffe are great gift ideas for connoisseurs who celebrate espresso as a dessert.

COSMOGOLD, COSMOWEISS, Affogato al caffe, Affogato all oro, SUPERIOR SENSISPLUS

Trend drinks

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A perfect drink for your party or simply a gift to yourself: stylish glasses for trendy drinks in gift cartons of two including recipe suggestions:

We stock the SeccoFlavoured-Serie as Gin Tonic, Hugo, Hugo Rosato, Spritz Orange, Beer Cocktail, Wineaperitif, Mojito, Fruity, Daiquiri, GLASSSTRAWS


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Social life today takes place increasingly in the kitchen. Whether cooking with friends or baking as a twosome – the kitchen is the heart of the entire house!

Trattoria, Dessertglasses, Cake stand & Cake plate, Candy box & Bowl, Plates& Bowls

planets julia

Glass Art

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Glass art has a long tradition in the Glashütte Eisch . In an interplay of colours, forms, decor and transparency, energy and creativity which flow together and help to make glass the most magnificent material in the world:

Planets Seasons

Wedding gifts

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For important occasions, an unusual gift should be presented to underline ones high esteem. It can even gleam or sparkle, while gold, platinum or diamonds contribute to an unforgettable day:

Champagner Exklusiv10CaratCosmo gold & weiss, Goldrush gold, Puro, NAPKINRINGS, CALIX, Aurea, GLASSSTRAWS



Gift sets

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Glasses make ideal gifts. Whether you choose white wine, red wine, water or whisky glasses – we will pack them in attractive black gift cartons and you may even choose to add a personally selected bottle of wine in the special compartment provided in the carton.
Many items in our assortment are packaged as Gifts in gift tubes or boxes.

Worldwide exklusive

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Nowadays glass can be magnificent and elaborate once more – whether in a luxurious-exclusive setting, or forming a contrast in a sober modern context: it must, however, be well designed and professionally produced. In any case, the professional pride of our glassmakers, cutters, engravers and painters would never permit anything else.

Aurea, CALIX, StargateLoire, Colombo gold & silber, Camilla, Goldrush gold, Windlichter, Vasen