Glass Production

As a traditional glass brand since 1946, EISCH Germany stands for the design of glass as a creative element of tableware at the highest level. Already in its fourth generation, the EISCH family identifies itself with glass design and refinement as well as innovations in the wine sector. The fascinating, enjoyment-enhancing effect of the SENSISPLUS glasses developed to unfold the aromas is confirmed by wine experts from all over the world.

The exceptional design of the high-quality products was again confirmed in 2019 with several awards such as the Tableware International Award of Excellence, the Tableware Award Dineus and the Manufactory Product of the Year.

During our guided tours through the factory you have the opportunity to experience yourself the creation of a glass product from smelting to the final finishing process.

Impressions from the workshops of Glashütte Eisch

Glashütte EISCH lies at the heart of the Bavarian Forest National Park.

Liquid glass is melted in the hot glass furnace in order to elicit all the fantastic possibilities that lie in it and to develop new shapes and designs for the product range of the Glashütte EISCH.
In order to give the glass the desired shape it is blown into handcrafted wooden forms of native beech wood.
Using simple glassmaker’s tools but highly skilful hands the experienced glass-maker knows how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of this viscous material.
Powdered coloured glass is added to the hot glass to set colourful accents.
The glass blowers also work with a naked flame: they heat prefabricated tubes to make them malleable.
After the cooling process, which takes several hours, the cap left from the production process must be cut off and the edge ground smooth and finished.
In Glashütte Eisch there are specialists for many different types of finish such as glass cutting, glass engraving and three-dimensional sand blasting
In the paint shop the glass is painted by hand, for example with real gold and real platinum.