The history of the Eisch Family

Familie Valentin Eisch 1941
Kanzler Helmut Kohl zu Besuch in der Glashütte Eisch

The glass-making tradition

The glass-making tradition of the Eisch Family has been traced back to Mathias Alesch, born in the Bohemian Forest in 1689 and listed among the employees of a small glassworks there.

The founder

The founder of Glashütte Eisch, Valentin Eisch, had been employed since 1914 as a master engraver in the crystal glass factory of Industrialist Isidor Gistl. In 1946 Valentin Eisch founded his own finishing plant together with his wife Therese in order to secure a living for his six children.

Emergence of competition

Before long the existing glassworks in the Bavarian Forest feared that competition was about to appear on the scene. They tried to prevent this by blocking the delivery of raw glass to the Eischs. The Eisch family therefore saw itself compelled to establish its own glass production.

The latest and smallest glassworks in Bavaria

In December 1952 the first glass was smelted in what was at the time the latest and smallest glassworks in Bavaria. In spite of initial difficulties, by 1956 the glassworks had expanded to a 12-pot furnace. The interaction between the family members and the employees resulted in a continuous upward progression.

Erwin Eisch

Erwin Eisch was the pioneer and guiding spirit  of the studio glass movement in Europe. He was an important source of inspiration and “lateral thinker”.

Poetry in Glass

Based on Erwin Eisch’s free hand-blown glass, the series of unique items “Poetry in Glass” was created in 1977: pieces for collectors and glass-lovers with flowing forms which were formed into artistic objects using a wide range of firing and cold glass techniques.

No. 1 among the glass manufacturers

Glashütte Eisch earned itself an excellent reputation among its customers. In the selection of preferred industrial partners by the German Glass and China Specialist Retail Association, Eisch has achieved first place each year during the past ten years among all German glass manufacturers.

Visit from the Federal Chancellor

In 1997 the Federal Chancellor of the time, Helmut Kohl, was a guest at Glashütte Eisch. Erwin Eisch presented him with the glass portrait head “Helmut Kohl”.

Family-run for generations

Glashütte Eisch is still entirely owned by the family and run by Julia Eisch and Eberhard Eisch in the third generation. Together with Florian Eichinger (4th generation, son of Julia Eisch) they build on the extensive experience and artisanal skills of the past and are now focusing on transforming the company into a modern and innovative glassworks.


With the creation of SENSISPLUS glasses, Glashütte Eisch achieved a milestone in the development of wine glasses. In a SENSISPLUS glass the wine undergoes an unprecedented development of aromas which has sparked off enthusiasm and astonishment in the world of wine. Eberhard Eisch describes his experience with SENSISPLUS glasses like this: “In this glass I can see into the future of wine!”

International expansion

With its systematic brand strategy focusing on individuality and innovation, Glashütte Eisch is also successful in overseas markets. Today more than 50% of the total production is exported to over 60 countries worldwide.

Ein kleiner Teil der Familie Eisch: Alfons Eisch, Julia Eisch, Eberhard Eisch, Florian Eichinger, Erich Eisch, Michael Eichinger, Lisa Eichinger

A small part of the Eisch Family: Julia Eisch (daughter of Alfons Eisch), Florian Eichinger (son of Julia Eisch), Eberhard Eisch (son of Erich Eisch)

Ein kleiner Teil der Familie Eisch: Alfons Eisch, Julia Eisch, Eberhard Eisch, Florian Eichinger, Erich Eisch, Michael Eichinger, Lisa Eichinger

Alfons Eisch