Quality Craft Beer Glasses enhance the aromas of Craft Beers

Germany is well known for its high variety of beers. A real boom is right now taking place within the Craft Beer sector where specialities beers offer flavours beside hop, malt and yeast. Aromas like citric, resinous nuances or the smell of red berries are of interest. In many bigger cities there are bars and shops offering special beers and tastings. Whether Pale Ale, Lager or IPA (India Pale Ale), Stout or Barrel Aged Beer connoisseurs can enjoy these specialities in fine glasses which show the special nuances of the hand crafted beverage at their best.

Craft Beer Glasses in attractive gift boxes

For stylish performance and the unfolding of aromas Eisch Craft Beer glasses are the perfect glass. These are a development from Eisch who have, over a long time, experience in developing aroma-optimized wine glasses. The elegant but still brake resistant Craft Beer Glass “BLACK”, with its stem with a tactile black stone like surface, is made of high quality glass and available in gift boxes of two glasses. A nice gift for beer lovers would also be the Craft Beer Tumblers which are perfect for beers in India Pale Ale style. These dishwasher safe glasses are available in good retail shops and on www.eisch-glasshop.de.

Tipp: If you want to make the recipient fully happy then add to the glasses a small selection of Craft Beers, – and the tasting can start immediately.

Craft Beer – A trend from USA

The Craft Beer movement started in the 1970’s in the USA, where many beer lovers were fed up with standardised beers from huge industry breweries. In response an enormous number of smaller breweries developed cultivating the old and new art of brewery. Some years ago this trend came to Germany, and today beer lovers can find a huge variety of different craft beers: For example, dark beer with coffee and roasted malt aromas, fruity-herb and hoppy types, beers with banana or raspberry aromas: A real joy for new experience has opened up!

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