High-quality crystal glass – automatic production – light and thin-walled – with pulled stems – highly shock-resistant – dishwasher-proof – made in Germany


When the glass tells us about the wine

With SENSISPLUS glasses you can immerse yourself even more profoundly in the world of taste of wine – and hence in its history. Authentic and unadulterated. SENSISPLUS reveals the full complexity of wine and shows its true potential. From fruity to mineral to spicy and full-bodied. No nuance remains unnoticed. The original character of the wine and its structure are both retained to the full.

“Wine is far more than just a drink. Wine tells stories, conveys emotions and transports us with every sip into the world of the vintner, the terroir and the grapes which it unites. EBERHARD EISCH

Experience for yourself the density of aromas in a SENSISPLUS glass. We invite you to embark on a sensuous journey of taste. Compare the SENSISPLUS glass with the best glass you have available. Pour the same amount of wine from a freshly-opened bottle into each of the glasses. After a few minutes check and compare the bouquet and taste. The tasting journey can begin! Tip: Use SENSISPLUS glasses to taste spirits, fruit juices, espresso, mineral water and other drinks. You will be surprised.


  • VINUM Wine magazine: „The SENSISPLUS glass revealed the full range of aromas […] like an iridescent fan“
  • Commended in the national innovation competition “Land of Ideas”
  • Culinary Institute of America: SENSISPLUS in professional training and at events
  • 25th anniversary celebrations of the Robert Parker “Wine Advocate”: first public presentation of the glasses


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