Presentation of 2017 Collection

Presentation of 2017 Collection From February 10th to 14th we shall present our new 2017 collection at the world´s biggest consumer goods show in Frankfurt, Germany: The absolutely best wine glasses that were ever produced by Eisch; a unique Gin glass which is a great nosing glass for pure Gin but a...

Craft Beer Experts

Craft Beer Experts

For stylish performance and the unfolding of aromas Eisch Craft Beer glasses are the perfect glass. These are a development from Eisch who have, over a long time, experience in developing aroma-optimized wine glasses. The elegant but still brake resistant Craft Beer Glass “BLACK”, with its stem with a tactile black stone like surface, is made of high quality glass and available in gift boxes of two glasses.

Break Resistance Test

Break Resistance Test SKY SENSISPLUS glasses not only provide fascinating aroma perception – they also are thin walled, elegant and modern and therefore an eye-catcher on every table. And sturdy they are also …...