Feuer und Flamme für Glas


Kunstvolle Glasmalerei

Made in Germany


Flexibilität & Zuverlässigkeit

Veredelung durch Schliff

Eisch - 300 Jahre Glastradition - 70 Jahre Glashütte Eisch

Geprägt von einer über viele Generationen gelebten Glastradition wird die Glashütte Eisch mit Leidenschaft in der dritten Generation geführt.

Aktuelles aus der Glashütte

Eisch voted No. 1 Glass Producer

The Glashuette Eisch has been voted No. 1 Glass Producer by the German retailers in the “Partner Elections” conducted by the “Fachkreis Hausrat / GPK”. Within the 11 glass producers under consideration Eisch was evaluated best with an average figure of 1,98. The...

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Presentation of 2017 Collection

From February 10th to 14th we shall present our new 2017 collection at the world´s biggest consumer goods show in Frankfurt, Germany: The absolutely best wine glasses that were ever produced by Eisch; a unique Gin glass which is a great nosing glass for pure Gin but a...

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Craft Beer Experts

For stylish performance and the unfolding of aromas Eisch Craft Beer glasses are the perfect glass. These are a development from Eisch who have, over a long time, experience in developing aroma-optimized wine glasses. The elegant but still brake resistant Craft Beer Glass “BLACK”, with its stem with a tactile black stone like surface, is made of high quality glass and available in gift boxes of two glasses.

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